Waterloo bound- things you need to do this May 2/4!

Are you living in or visiting Waterloo this long weekend? Check these things out!

– You seek the thrill and you’re always down for an adventure – Check out Axe throwing. You and a group of friends can grab a drink and throw an axe… cool bro.


– In addition to or another option for a group is an Adventure Room. Kitchener, Waterloo has a great one!


– You like to hang out, have a few drinks and DANCE. Sometimes you’re a little shy, and sometimes you regret it in the morning – but this May 2/4 your friends will find you at Starlight Social for their special event – Sun, May 19th.


– Cozy and traditional floats your boat – You’ll be curled up in a blanket watching fireworks with close friends or maybe someone closer than a friend? You’ll be watching the lit skies in New Dundee this weekend.


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