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Supporting Temporary Foreign Workers During COVID-19

ATTENTION: Canadian Farmers, Processors, Greenhouse Growers and Temporary Foreign Worker Employers

WATERLOO, CANADA, MAY 14th - Backpacker College, the online cross-platform marketplace for trusted affordable accommodation in university and college communities, is working on behalf of Canada’s industry of Farmers, Growers, Greenhouse operators who need trusted rooms as part of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker program.

The industry relies on 70,000 to 80,000 Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) annually to help with planting, working, harvesting of food produced and processed in Canada. Backpacker College is a Canadian technology based accommodation business normally focused on trusted rooms near university and college campuses.

Backpacker College is helping the industry, after contacting farmers, processors, fruit and vegetable growers, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers association, and speaking with Keith Robbins of Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers (OPVG).

“We know our solution solves a problem for Canadian growers, greenhouses and farmers using Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program” says Rob Evans, former Director in various pan regional organizations including Ontario’s Food Cluster, and now President & CEO of Backpacker College. “This helps employers, food production, our supply chain and the economy.”

The TFW program is relevant to all Canadians because they’re an important class of worker. Canada’s Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino told CBC "In many cases, these are workers who come back every year. There is a relationship there, a connection to not only their employers but their colleagues and frankly to Canada and that is a good thing because it allows us to meet our food supply needs.”

“The problem we’re solving is that new workers in Canada are required to isolate for 2 weeks prior to arriving at their place of employment. They need trusted affordable rooms, with kitchens. We make sure these rooms are available” says Evans.

Many workers when they arrive need to be quarantined for 14 days. Employers don’t want them staying in their Summer residence until cleared. In Ontario, daily rentals are not permitted. Hotels are expensive and of varying quality, and most do not have kitchens. Through Backpacker College, they can now book trusted rooms almost anywhere across Canada.

The Concierge team with Backpacker College can take care of booking the room and the logistics for any employer. The rooms are in cities as close to the farms and fields and greenhouses where the work is.

During the COVID19 virus, the Backpacker College Trusted Affordable rooms mantra is even more valued during a pandemic. They curate high quality private rooms and apartment units available across Canada. Backpacker College’s unique platform, makes it easy to find and request appropriate rooms.

Rooms are booked with accommodation providers in great locations, with colleges and universities when they’re open, and makes Backpacker College the best source of furnished rooms in college towns in the world.

“We’re not talking about putting newcomers to Canada in stuffy old fashioned dorm rooms”, says Evans, “Our class of accommodation is fantastic. And the rooms are guaranteed. I think a great living and working environment helps morale especially during times like this”.

All Backpacker College rooms are private. All rooms meet a high quality standard. All Private rooms and residences are near campus, in every city in the country, furnished, and managed professionally. Rooms with kitchens are available too. As a result of COVID19, for a reasonable price, additional cleaning services, sanitizer, even masks can be made available at the request of the employer, worker or guest.

For employers or workers who want trusted rooms or someone to arrange it for them click TRUSTED ROOMS DURING COVID19 or go to The Backpacker College mission is to break down barriers so everyone can afford a trusted room to stay in when they study, travel or work. More exciting news is expected soon.

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