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Supporting Students Through COVID-19

Students and Guests can now Secure Trusted Rooms and Earn new Income

WATERLOO, CANADA, APRIL 23, 2020 - Backpacker College, the online cross-platform marketplace for trusted affordable accommodation in university and college communities, has accelerated it’s launch to respond to student needs.

University and College residences have been forced to close their doors for now, and many students, especially international students need trusted accommodation. Students through other websites have had their rooms canceled due to fear or uncertainty how room providers can operate responsibly during COVID-19.

Backpacker College has the solution. “We are responding with our partners by providing curated furnished rooms with, Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and other websites, during any time of need especially for students and anyone affected by the situation today”, says Rob Evans, President & CEO of Backpacker College.

One of the things making Backpacker College different is their high standards for assessing destination locations, and curating each room ensuring consistent quality control and cleanliness not found with others online. Another is the Backpacker Room Guarantee and Concierge team giving the Guest protection in the event of a room cancellation, cleanliness issues, or host is unavailable or if guests don’t get their room key, another quality room is provided to the guest from any partner site online.

Some room providers have turned away guests, Evans says, “Turning people away in a time of need does not demonstrate our values. We ensure guests have the trusted room they need.”

Canadian government is supporting students, and Backpacker College is too. As a deemed essential service, Backpacker College provides a unique service for people who are booking accommodations especially for 28 days or longer (in addition to other lengths of time). The collaboration is unique, our platform does the work so guests, room providers, colleges and universities don’t have to.

Students Save Money on Accommodation and can Make Money as Room Providers.

Another way Backpacker College is helping is by generating new income for Students as Room Providers. By helping students save money and making it possible for them as room providers to earn income, it helps shoulder the economic burden resulting from COVID-19. People with quality rooms can easily make their rooms available to be booked from all major accommodation sites in about 5 minutes, through the Backpacker website.

The Backpacker College mission is to break down barriers so everyone can afford a trusted room to stay in when they study, travel or work. More exciting news is expected soon.

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