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Happy #featurefriday πŸŽ‰ This week we had the opportunity to interview Kate, an experienced traveller and post-secondary student! Want to be our next feature? Send us a DM letting us know what your dream travel destination is! 🌎
Q: Where have you travelled to in the past?
A: I’m lucky to have a family that loves travelling as much as I do, we’ve done family vacations to the United States, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands and of course across Canada. I had the opportunity to travel this year on my semester exchange to England. I travelled to Luxembourg, France, Ireland, Italy, Sardinia, and Croatia. Right now, I’m on my way to Toronto, Boston, and New York!
Kate in New York
Q: What is your dream travel destination and why?
A: Without a doubt – Australia! I have mates from there that I met in England and I think the country is so naturally beautiful. Being from the praries of Canada, the Australian beaches, ocean, and hot weather definitely entice me.
Q: What is one thing everyone should know before they go off travelling for the first time?
A: You’ve got to know how you’re going to budget your travels and have multiple methods to pay for things. It’s maybe the most basic tip but definitely the most important-especially on long term trips. I was locked out of cards, only to call the company and have them tell me to come back to Canada early just to reset my pin. It’s good to have back up options, an emergency card or even 2, keep your cards/money in different places to avoid pickpockets, and always carry a bit of cash.
Kate in Croatia
Q: Do you prefer travelling to one destination and staying for a long time or travelling to multiple destinations and staying for a shorter period of time in each location? Why?
A: As a student, I think it’s best to look for opportunities to travel long term and then do mini trips from there. 48 hours in a city is doable but I’dΒ  prefer to stay, relax, and experience the day to day ongoings of the city along with the touristy parts. Travel is a very personal thing, that’s just what works best for me.
Q: Do you have any tips for students wanting to find the time to travel?
A: Basically, don’t. I’m a firm believer that if you’re open to opportunities, you’re going to be able to travel during your degree without taking time off school. If your university offers study abroad exchanges, work programs, or volunteer programs then that is an excellent way to travel. Some travel programs will even help you get credit for the work you do with themΒ  abroad. I definitely didn’t know how many opportunities for travel were out there. Now, with my blog, I want to share ways and opportunities for students to incorporate travel into their degree.
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Melissa is a Marketing graduate from Conestoga College. Her love for learning about other cultures stems back to when she first heard about the annual South Korea trip her Tae Kwon Do school takes part in. Since then, Melissa has always wanted to travel the world and experience as many different cultures as possible. Her dream travel destinations are Greece and South Korea.

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