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Happy #featurefriday! This week Backpacker College interviewed Luca, a passionate Traveller who doesn’t have any plans of stopping her globetrotting! Read along as she shares her experiences, laugh along as she shares her favourite memories, and be inspired by her passion.

Where have you travelled to before?
I’ve been around 33 countries in my life.
I made a trip for 7 months around the world (that was my last trip), and my last stop was Canada to visit my best friend who I lived with there when we were 17.

What adventure do you have planned next?
I’m planning to go to Colombia for a couple of weeks around March and April. You guys should come with me!

Favourite travel memory/moment?
Oh, well… I have lots but I will always remember the day I was in Paris on my way to Zurich and we had to pay for overweight, but the office was on the other side of the airport so I had to run as fast as I could to pay and then come back to make this huge line for security. (We were already late. Our driver was this very nice by the way but he was falling asleep )
My friends and I were about to lose the flight, so we decided to divide the job.
one of them had to take off the jackets, the other one the scarfs, and the last one the boots in front of EVERYBODY.
We were laughing a lot and people around us were as well.
Finally when we passed through the security everybody took what they could and we started to run.
When we finally thought we were safe….. Suddenly I fell down in the middle of the way while my friends were still running and they looked back and said: “hey, hurry up!”. I stayed on the floor almost crying saying “don’t worry about me, goooo, goo and see Switzerland, don’t wait for me, I won’t make it”. (I remember I thought, come on, they will never leave me here, but yes, they kept running 😂).
Finally, I stood up, took my things and was not going to give up on that flight! COME ON! So I ran and was the last one to get on the plane, my friends laughing at me because I was sweating of course! Haha

Best advice for someone planning their first trip.
When I was younger I used to travel with lots of money and stay at very good places to sleep, until I decided to make a whole change. So I had travelled with too much money and not money at all.
my advice is, please don’t underestimate hostels and travel with less money because here’s when your humanity and others humanity comes out!
What I’m trying to say is that you meet so many good, pure and generous people in hostels compared to hotels, who will always have something for you. They offer good advice, how to pay less for food/share their food, where to visit and also best places for partying, etc.
In my opinion, on your first trip you should bring only one backpack, take that flight and get lost into the pureness of the people you will meet, and hey then you will have friends all over the world!.

Have you travelled more solo or with a friend/group? What do you prefer and why?
I’ve travelled by myself only once, and I did have a lot of fun! Especially because everybody was Latinos. But honestly having someone you love like your best friend next to you travelling is the best thing you can do, not just for the fact of feeling “alone” but because you can always talk about the happiest moments you spent with them while you were travelling. Believe me, this is priceless.


👉 Be sure to follow Luca on Instagram to see more great travel pictures –https://www.instagram.com/lucianarobledo/?hl=en

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