#FeatureFriday – Hanna Johnson

#FeatureFriday – Hanna Johnson

Happy #featurefriday! ? This week we had the opportunity to interview Hanna, an experienced traveller after having the opportunity to study and work abroad. ?

Q: Where have you travelled before?

A: Cayman Islands, America, Ireland, England, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland, Finland, France, Italy, and Denmark.

Q: What is your dream travel destination and why?

A: Although it’s not a ‘destination’ per se – a dream trip of mine is to do the Trans-Siberian Railway Tour from Russia to China. Russia seems so mysterious and unique, and I think the landscape is beautiful. I would love to see the culture there as well as the natural beauty the country has to offer. On the journey from Russia to China there’s many remote villages along the way where native people are still living traditionally. China is just so different from Americanized way of living – I’ve always loved Asian influence on American culture so it would be a dream to experience the country.


Q: What is the best part about studying/working abroad?

A: Studying abroad is amazing to make friends from all over the world and get to do a bit of travelling. It’s always nice to experience a culture different to your own. Working abroad is amazing as well – in Europe flights are cheap, so it’s nice when you have a paycheque coming in to be able to go away on the weekends and see new places – or eve during your holidays. One of the best things about working in Europe (vs. Canada / America) is that they really value work/ life balance and you get a minimum of 22 days per year + bank holidays, so there is loads of time to take a few days off here and there to explore new places! It’s generally easier to get around in Europe, and I just find there is much more unique cultural differences in smaller geographical areas, so you don’t have to go as far – it’s really a great place to live!

Q: What is the one thing you cannot travel without?

A: Honestly – good shoes is the most important thing. Travelling a lot, I’ve learned to get by with no phone services / low battery / no makeup / etc. but the most important thing is a good pair of comfortable shoes. Especially backpacking I find I am always walking so much, it’s really important to be comfortable. I like to go for a nice pair of sneakers that are comfortable, but also versatile that you can wear during the day but that you can also take out on the town at night. It’s not uncommon to see girls travelling wearing their kicks to the night club!

Q: Favourite travel story or memory?

A: Living in student accommodation in Ireland. All the international students would go on weekend trips together to different parts of the country and we would rent out the whole hostel in remote areas. We carried on all night, and then struggled to go on hikes and do tours during the day. It was exhausting, but we all became very close during our time and I made great friends from the experience.


Q: Why should others consider studying/working abroad?

A: It really helps you to grow as a person. You get to make new friends, and it’s a learning experience for everyone involved. I think everything about me has changed since living abroad – the way I dress, eat, interact with people, think, and my general outlook on life – and I think it’s all for the better. You don’t know what you don’t know until you go out and explore! You never know what might be waiting for you.

All photo cred goes to Hanna Johnson ?

Be sure to check out some amazing photos on Hanna’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hh.johnson/?hl=en

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