#FeatureFriday – Barb Young

#FeatureFriday – Barb Young

Happy #featurefriday! ? This week we had the opportunity to interview Barb, an experienced traveller who has visited many different countries and done a variety of tours and cruises. Want to be our next feature? DM us letting us know what your dream travel destination is! ?

Q: Where have you travelled to before?

A: I have travelled many places in Europe on an organized European Whirlwind tour in 2008.  I spent a couple of weeks in Australia and New Zealand.  I went on two Caribbean cruises. My late husband was from London, England; so, I spent some time there. This past September I stayed in Paris for a week and explored the city extensively. I then went to Barcelona and stayed in a hostel and again explored the highlights of the beautiful seaside city. After that, I travelled to the Burgandy region of France to a small town called Bissy sous Uxelles where my friend lives and toured the region. My next adventure is to Italy, specifically Venice and Florence to explore the food and culture.

European Architecture

Q: What is your dream travel destination?

A: My dream destination is Hawaii.  I love sun, sand, culture and food and from what I’ve read, Hawaii has it all!

Q: What is the best part about travelling?

A: The best part of travelling is learning about other countries and immersing yourself in their culture, experiencing their food and lifestyle.

Beautiful Landscape

Q: Is solo travel more your thing? Or is it group travel?

A: I have done both types of travel- solo and group. I prefer solo travel as you can customize your itinerary to suit your preferences.  You don’t have to compromise with others.

Q: What is one tip you would give any new travellers?

A: My tip to new travellers is to pack lightly, be comfortable and bring a day pack of some sort.

Barb trying delicious food

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