#Feature Friday – Zynab Ghafoori  ?

#Feature Friday – Zynab Ghafoori  ?

Happy #featurefriday! This week Backpacker College interviewed Zynab! ? ❤ Nothing stops her drive, especially when it comes to experiencing new things and seeing new places.

Zynab, what was the most memorable moment of all your travels?

The most memorable moment of all my travelling was visiting the palace of Al-hambra in Grenada Spain, the structure itself was breathtaking, there was intricate artwork throughout the palace, the ceilings and walls were hand carved with Arabic styled writing. The whole atmosphere of this place was tranquil and harmonious, walking through this magnificent structure you are struck with this sense of appreciation for both the architecture and those responsible for building it. The cherry on top of this Spanish treasure is that the grounds of the palace are home to hundreds of little kittens they play with guests and keep the palace rat free, they added a charm to the palace that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.

If someone were travelling to Greece today, what would you suggest they do that they wouldn’t find without a travel guide?

First of all I recommend everybody to travel to Greece it is a life-changing experience, the people are kind and the scenery is like no other, I travelled throughout the country, therefore, there are a lot of things that I could recommend that aren’t on the guided tours. However I narrowed it down to two: the first is to see the southern Greek islands! The Islands of Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos take your pick each island has its own individuality and is popular for its specific reasons. I chose to travel to the famous island of Santorini this island is rich of cultural history and touristy types of attractions. An absolute must do in my books (if visiting Santorini) is to climb the mountain of Mesa Vouno. I saw outside my hotel room one morning and I decided to go on an adventure and see whats on top! It’s not a steep mountain it took me thirty minutes to get to the top! On the top of the mountain are remnants of the ancient city of Thira (some argue that this might be the famed city of Atlantis) and a spectacular view of the whole island, the Aegean Sea, and neighbouring islands. Sunsets are quite gorgeous here as well. The second recommendation is to visit the northern islands of Greece, I was fortunate enough to visit the island of Thessaloniki, here there is less tourists and more locals, the waters are crystal clear (you can literally see the ocean floor) and the island itself is rich with cafes, bars, restaurants, and all sorts of entertainment for visitors.


If someone were travelling to Spain today, what would you suggest they do that they wouldn’t find without a travel guide?

For Spain, I would recommend everyone to visit the city of Grenada! It was the most beautiful city in Spain (in my opinion) there is a lot of influence of both Arab and Christians, the product of their combined influence is stunning! The city is in bloom with loose leaf teas, food markets and handcrafted ornaments! The people here are the most welcoming I’ve ever met. While in Grenada it is a must to visit one of the Arab baths, they are known for these here. An Arab bath is a bathhouse where there are six or eight different temperature pools. The point was to balance the body out, so you sit in hot water for a few minutes then start gradually moving to the cold water pool, (I didn’t follow this I would go all over the place from hot, cold, teped, lukewarm haha) once you finish your bath you drink a cup of sweet tea (the best tea I’ve ever had was here) and either go in for a message (yes, there are messueas there) or you could continue the process until your pruny (I stayed there for a few hours). The most relaxing experience!

How has travel inspired you as a person?

Travelling has opened my eyes, there is a world out there bigger than just here in Canada, you experience a new way of life and each time I come back I feel like apart of me has been left behind and a new part has started to blossom and grow, its made me open to try new things like Spanish tapas, Greek Moosaka. Its also made me be more confident in myself, you see new things meet new people. It makes me fearless of the unknown and curious for the future! The challenges you face when your travelling (not knowing the language) makes you more empathetic to those who visit Canada and struggle the same way. I strongly believe in young people travelling it makes you a humble person a better human being.




Where to next?

Whats next? hopefully travel more of Europe, I have a goal to see all of Europe before I’m 25! I’m 23 so I have 2 more years to go and a lot more countries to experience. My next destination this year is hopefully Prague, and Germany. Who knows where I’ll end up after that.


Thank you Zynab for sharing and inspiring!  ✈ ? https://www.instagram.com/zynab_gha1/


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