Expanding your horizons and learning to say yes!

Expanding your horizons and learning to say yes!

Did you ever see the movie Yes Man? Other than being a hilarious movie with Jim Carrey, it also shows how positivity and saying yes more (within reason) can drastically improve and change your life! As travellers, we also need to learn how to say yes more often and take the path less travelled. Travelling can open up some amazing opportunities – opportunities to do things as the locals do, to try some new and amazing food, and in my case to finding the coolest little shops.

While in Europe I learned to say yes to more things and explore more – not sticking to a specific agenda. Being more of a cautious traveller, I would always do my research before doing anything – especially abroad. But something changed when we were in Venice. We would pass small shops or quaint streets that tourists would typically continue to walk on past. Turning down these less-travelled streets allowed us to experience the city like the locals do.

Backpacker College takes Venice

The most memorable experience where I said “yes” was the first time we didn’t do exactly what was planned when we were in Venice. We were wandering through the small streets heading towards our Gondola ride. We wanted to be early for everything so we wouldn’t miss our tour. While rushing about we realized that we would be an hour early for our tour and would just have to wait around in that area – that would be a waste of time when there’s an entire city to explore. So, for the first time we looked for some place to explore. We ended up stumbling across a tiny street full of shops. There were very few tourists in this area, very different from the busy shopping street: le Mercerie.

We spent a lot of time here shopping for souvenirs and meeting young locals that worked in the shops and who were interested in Canada. This is a small but very vivid memory, since it was the first time on our trip that we didn’t stick to our plan and did whatever we wanted in a fun and very beautiful city.

Quaint streets in Venice

If had not taken that first initial step to just go explore – then we would’ve missed out on the chance to find something different and talk to the nicest locals. When it comes to an adventure – no matter how big or small – taking the first step and not being on a strict schedule will make your trip even more rewarding.

Remember to take the road less travelled whenever you get the chance!

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