Feature Friday with Darcy ?

Feature Friday with Darcy ?

Happy Feature Friday! Today is a bit more special to us. Our Feature Fridays usually spotlight someone with great travel experiences and tips to share. This Feature is all these things and more – she’s the newest member of our team! Read along and fall in love with Darcy, just like we have!  ?

How many places have you visited? Which was your favourite, why?

I’ve been to 14 countries total so far! I spent a lot of time in my childhood travelling around the US and Canada and have expanded my list over the past few years! My absolute favourite is hands down Iceland! It’s unlike any other place I’ve seen and it definitely brings out the adventurer in you! From checking out the Blue Lagoon to the Black Sand beaches in Vik, it really gives you an appreciation of the world.

? by Justin Greaves

Which place had the most memorable people? How did you meet them and are you still connected today?

For me, England had the most memorable people! I was able to get a two-year visa and moved over there for a year and a half. I met some of my closest friends there and others from around the world. I’m still in touch with many of them (thanks to social media). I’d also say Germany took a close second! We made a lot of good friends there!

? by Justin Greaves

Funniest travel memory? 

When I went backpacking across Europe with my cousin Justin and his girlfriend Tina so the entire trip was filled with laughs. If we ever got annoyed with one another my cousin knew immediately how to break the tension. Everywhere we went we kept seeing ad’s for this Italian clothing brand Calzedonia. Whenever we passed one of these ad’s my cousin would say “Calzedonia” in a fake Italian accent and start speaking fake Italian. For some reason, it was just the perfect icebreaker! We still make the joke to this day and he’ll go off speaking fake Italian.

? by Justin Greaves

How has travel changed you as a person? 

Oh 100%, travel changed me. When you are in another country where they don’t speak the same language and completely out of your comfort zone you see the world and yourself in a whole new light. The best advice I ever got was to be uncomfortable because it is where you’ll find yourself. I find that entirely true when you’re backpacking! Where I come from everyone knows everyone, and you can get a bit too comfortable. I think the most I got out of it was an appreciation for meeting new people. yet when you travel you meet people who may come from a different background or country but you can still have such a connection. You realize how many people are actually out there, which is a really cool thing!

? by Justin Greaves

What are your future travel plans? tell us all about why and what you’re doing to prepare.

I’m headed back to the UK this summer for a friends wedding! I’m hopefully going to take a couple days to see Bath or the Cotswolds with my brother while we’re there! Beyond that, I’m planning a trip to Australia for when I graduate! When I lived in the UK I became good friends with a girl from Sydney so that plan is for me to go over there and for us to travel around Australia together! I’ve never been to that side of the world so I’m really excited to take some time to explore down under!


Cheers, to Darcy! ?

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