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Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…. Wait!

Victoria, Iguazu, Gullfoss, Niagara. What do these three things have in common? Well, they’re major waterfalls that people will travel thousands of kilometres to see. But did you know that there are 100 waterfalls just in Hamilton, Ontario alone? You don’t [...] Read More >

#TravelTuesday with Krista ✈️

Happy #TravelTuesday everyone! This week’s feature is our new friend Krista! Hailing from the Netherlands, Kris is a Social Worker with a passion for travel! Check out all she has to say about her past adventures and where she’s headed to next! What [...] Read More >

Top Canadian Lighthouses

Did you know that the first (recorded) lighthouse was in Ancient Egypt and was 350 feet tall? Unfortunately, this no longer exists as it was destroyed by an earthquake about 700 years ago. Did you also know that there are approximately 750 structures in Canada [...] Read More >

#TravelTuesday with Megan ✈️

Happy #TravelTuesday! This week Backpacker College interviewed the Megan Beaudry!  A  “Canadian with an Australian heart”, Megan gives us a glimpse into her travels and adventures that have taken her around the world. Check out all she has to say [...] Read More >

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A blog care of Backpacker College Founder, Rob Evans

A Great Start to Summer 2018 for Backpacker College!

It’s Monday night. I’ve got no plan as I head Downtown Toronto to the bed I booked through Backpacker College.  It’s a private room, professionally managed, and only $57 (taxes included).  The room was clean and brightly coloured, had electronic locks, [...] Read More >

The Road Trip – Two Tales

Canadian Cottage Country Keep your eyes on the road your hand upon the wheel. Speeding down a winding road, music blaring, surrounded by trees and darkness, not knowing where we were, there was a sign that showed us a good time. My friend Randy turned to me and [...] Read More >

Music makes the world go round

Travel and Music. Good vibes bring us together. Dancing, singing, listening or playing. Stephen Tyler would say “life’s the journey not a destination”. Backpacking is a journey to compliment anyone’s life. Life is a series of ups and downs, ending with [...] Read More >

Who is a backpacker?

A backpacker is any budget-minded traveller.  Independent or in groups, a common constraint binds all backpackers together.  Freedom, independence, and a limited budget. Today, more specifically backpackers are young travellers, students on gap years, working [...] Read More >