Backpacker Sublet and Lease Takeover

What is a Backpacker Sublet and Lease Takeover?

Backpacker Sublet and Lease Takeover is the best way for students and tenants wanting to earn money in college communities by listing their available rooms online for guests and travelers staying four months or less. Daily, weekly and monthly sublets welcomed.

How it works

Submitting your sublet details takes about 5 minutes. These details will be reviewed and confirmed, with approval in 48 hours or less. Once approved, it will be marketed online across multiple websites and you will receive confirmation when a guest or traveler has booked your room.

Sublet eligibility

Rooms must be in a professionally managed residence, condo or apartment, and will be listed on Expedia, AirBnB and Booking and other sites. You will need a lock box or a person able to give your renter your keys, insurance, and an emergency contact number. You receive your payment (plus taxes) less service fees via electronic transfer after each stay.

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