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For students and international students traveling to study or work, needing trusted and affordable accommodation and housing.

For students and international students who are traveling to study or work and need trusted and affordable short-term accommodation
and housing options.

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How it works

Backpacker Student makes finding your room simple and easy. We feature curated trusted and affordable accommodation that is available daily, weekly and monthly up to 4 months, all within a AAA location as close to your campus as possible. Your stay is insured and room is guaranteed.    

How it works

Backpacker Students receive curated travel and accommodation options, along with specific rates and recommendations.

Who is a Backpacker Student?

The benefits

1. Special student rates, offers, and rooms
2. Curated affordable room selection
3. Backpacker Travel Points (coming soon)

4. Backpacker Concierge support x 7 days a week
5. Your stay is insured
6. Room and price guarantees

7. The internet’s largest room supply for college and university communities

Younger demographic
Typically a student
Travels alone or with a partner

Often looks for cheaper stays

Private or shared room
One single or double
1-2 beds

1-2 travelers

The student

Their stay

The benefits

The benefits

A Backpacker Student is a student or international student on a study abroad, paid or volunteer work term, or internship and need trusted and affordable short-term housing and rental accommodation.

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