Backpacker Professional

How it works

Backpacker Professional makes finding a place to stay while traveling or working simple and easy. Submit your room booking request details and small deposit, and a Backpacker Concierge representative will contact you within 48 hours or less with the best room and travel options available for you.

Who is a Backpacker Professional?

For the working professional who travels or works from a suitcase or backpack, seeking private and more comfortable and affordable accommodation. Backpacker Professional features special rooms, rates and recommendations for guests and travelers. These rooms can be booked daily, weekly and monthly.

The benefits

  • Special rates, offers, and rooms
  • Daily, weekly and monthly rates available
  • Backpacker Travel Points (coming soon)
  • Backpacker Concierge x 7 days a week
  • Your stay is insured
  • Room and price guarantees
  • The internet’s largest room supply for college and university communities
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