Welcome to the
Backpacker College community

Over the last few months, the team here at Backpacker College has been working hard on some truly amazing things and providing real value that we wanted to share with you.

We've made some changes and focused on experience

After months of user-research and learning about our customers and their needs, we completely rebuilt and
re-designed our website and mobile application with our full attention on the end-users experience.

But first, let's start
from the beginning

Backpacker College is the go-to marketplace for safe, well-located and more affordable accommodation around the world. Here's Backpacker College's CEO and President Rob Evans, to welcome you to the community and break down exactly what we do.

Who is a member of Backpacker College?

Backpacker College Members are stakeholders of academic communities including faculty, staff, students, alumni, select colleges, universities, and some of the worlds best accommodation providers.

Creating a digital presence

After months of website and software redesign, it is our pleasure to announce that the latest capabilities and features are almost here.

Our partners

Since acceptance from the world-renowned Accelerator Centre Program, working with MarsDD, CDMN and launching Backpacker College in 2017, we have connected with many great people who have supported us along the way. We are proud to support our industry by building something that makes traveling easier for everyone.

It's about great
stories and experiences

We know how important great stories and experiences are and that's why we are thrilled to be sharing our new stories and experiences features. Now it's easier than ever to have great experiences connecting with people while you travel.


You can use Backpacker Colleges services in countries all over the world, including Canada, UK and USA.

Vacant rooms

While everyone else is booked, we still have well-located, more affordable and private rooms available.


With this many locations to choose from, it makes traveling to anywhere in the world that much easier.




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